In the swirl of rapidly changing business environment, protection of property assets is a task of paramount importance.

Property insurance involves the use of two main basis of coverage – «Open Perils» and «named Perils». Using coverage on a named perils basis the customer selects certain types of risks which he wants to be insured. The most common risks are fire, lightning, explosion and falling aircraft.

Open Perils policy, on the other hand, provides insurance coverage for any reason not specifically excluded. This type of coverage is more expensive and provides a wider and reliable insurance that will protect your investment from a variety of risks.

Further to the above, there are many additional options of property insurance to protect your interests such as insurance of loss of profits, machinery breakdown and acts of terrorism.

One of the GLINSO' strongest points is the efficiency to direct the clients to the exact insurance conditions that best fit their needs with avaliable options to support your choice of optimal coverage..